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Welcome to DASE


DASE was founded in September 2016


The team consists of 5 trained and certified digital analysts who graduated from International Analytics Academy. (established by Maxlead – Netherland, rankingCheck – Germany, Visibility – Slovakia)

Know how

DASE is a proud member of an international analytics network – Everywhere network for exchanging digital know-how, skills and experience across the globe.

Our complex services and working process

We cover complete digital analytics. From custom digital analytics implementations to data analysis and data visualization. We advise, what, where and how to improve your online performance, tailored exactly to your business in order to make your company data driven.

We work mainly with Google Analytics 360. However, we are able to work with any other digital analytics tool on the market. We love Data Studio and Google Tag Manager, a state of the art tag management system, to prepare custom-made implementations tailored to your business bottom-line.

Our favorite language is JavaScript to enhance your data analysis with valuable insights and to increase the quality of your data and according to analysis.

Step 1

Digital scan & plan

Step 2

Technical implementation

Step 3

Data collection & analysis

Step 4

Data visualisation

Step 5

Consultancy & improvement suggestion

We answer the following questions:

Who are my visitors?

What do they do on the website?

Who are my customers?

Are paid campaigns profitable?

What are they interested in?

Is there anything they are missing on the website?

What can we improve?

Where am I losing my customers?

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Our lovely clients


Meet Your New Best Friends. Analytical Ninjas.

Tomáš Malík
Tomáš MalíkData Evangelist
I like to work with data and implementations. From time to time, I also give teachings about analytics and have workshops, so everybody, who wants to know something more about data analysis can gain from it.
Veronika Feješová
Veronika FeješováAnalytics Consultant
I enjoy watching improvements on websites for better and more accurate data, like to provide advice, setting up Google Analytics and implementing Google Tag Manager.
Mayo Raček
Mayo RačekData Analyst
Data can be powerful. But I do not believe all data are powerful. My focus is to help you collect and analyze data that matters for your business in order to make correct decisions.
Peter Šutarík
Peter ŠutaríkIT Guru
Data analysis without knowing JavaScript is like eating candy in the package.Therefore, JavaScript lies in my focus. I deal with the technical stuff mostly.
Julia Michálekova
Julia MichálekovaExecutive Director
I work in online marketing since 2009. I started as SEO project manager. Currently, I am Managing Director of DASE VISIBILITY. I love passing my know-how to other people, educate and my mission is to care for the happiness and development of our employees. My passions are books, dancing, running, coffee and beer 🙂
Lukas Görög
Lukas GörögData Visualisation
I like to visualize data and then to find the meaning in these data to make the right action. My motto is: make things as simple as possible, so everybody understands them.

The case studies

Data analysis

We should not compare apples and oranges. As somebody once said. But why not?

Maybe there is some connection between these fruits…

At DASE we compare and research data and search for the connection between data. Sometimes, also a small, on the first look not important piece of data might mean success. For instance, we check, if your web page has more conversions on Valentine’s day, in summer, or during the working week. And if so, before the next Valentine’s day, next summer, next working week approaches again, we can advise on certain actions, in order to be a step ahead of busy times.

Technical implementation

Doing analysis without technical implementation is not very meaningful. Whether we apply a short source code written in JavaScript or a long one depends on your business’s KPIs and your demand on data.

From your users, we can gain a lot of meaningful information.

It does not matter if the web page is an e-shop, blog or mobile app. We always make the analysis tailored exactly for you and your business.

Data visualization

One well-made data visualization is s better than 10 tables in the sheet. At DASE, we know this.

Therefore, we prepare clear reports, which are easy to understand. These reports are answering the most important questions for your business. Which blog category engages the most users? How do the users interact with my form? Which buttons are the most popular ones? Which data can we collect for an even better analysis?

We can transform complicated data in easy, relaxed and correct data that are easy to understand.

Analytical Audit & Check up

One can make the data analysis, just under one condition – your data is correct.

For one of our clients, we did an analytical audit.

We found out that the analytics was in a bad shape.

In the google analytics account, there were no filters set up, and the tracking code was inserted into the page in a wrong way.

So before, we did the scan the client had 10,000 sessions a day. After our audit, we reached 5,000 sessions a day. A difference +/- 100%.

The client’s data is now clearer and more transparent. This offers a way to make better decisions, based on real data with high quality.

Consultancy and analytical workshop

We are aware of the fact that it is hard to work with a complex analytical system as Google Analytics.  

We will teach you how to work with it and how to understand all the functions and settings, which Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Visual Studio offer.

We can teach you, which settings are important for your business, and we can answer your questions and doubts.

We are flexible.It does not matter, if we have to work in-house at your office, at DASE or through skype.

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 Want to meet us?

Our Office: Panská 14, Bratislava 811 01
Phone: +421-911-929-599
Email: michalekova@visibility.sk