Google Cloud Healthcare API helps fight against COVID-19

Humankind has overcome a number of devastating pandemics during its existence, but this one is a little bit different. Nowadays, we can use a powerful weapon to fight the coronavirus – data.

Every marketer and analyst will agree with me that the main condition for making the right decision is to have high-quality and fast-available data. In medicine and science, it is double true, especially in times of pandemic. Google launch its Healthcare API generally to the industry at-large. Google Cloud allows process huge amounts of data in real-time and uses advanced machine learning models.

wuhan covid-19 analysis

Northeastern University used Google API to process 5500 terabytes of data and created 9 million different models of coronavirus spread. One of their output is the analysis of the effect of travel restrictions on the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus. For a couple of visualisations, they used our favourite Google Data Studio.

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ecommerce_purchase events are now configurable as conversions

Small but a very important change in Google Analytics App + Web. As for any other events from now on we have the option in new properties to mark ecommerce_conversion as a conversion. Why is it important? Both the website and the mobile application may have a slightly different purchase process. This is a follow up to purchase becoming a default conversion and unifies purchase across app and web, minimizing confusion and configuration errors.

ecommerce_purchase event google analytics app + web

If ecommerce_purchase is already a conversion in your property, it will remain a conversion. Though, you have the option to unmark it as one.

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Advanced options for editing reports in App + Web properties

Google has added a very handy feature to new App + Web properties for in-depth analysis of individual reports without interfering with the original reports. For example, if you need to visualize some metric by a different type of graph, or track a report only for a specific segment, you can create your own report with two clicks. After clicking on “Edit in Analysis” you will be redirected to the Analysis hub, where you can edit the report as needed. Is it great, isn’t it?

edit in analysis hub app + web

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Realtime Content Insights – a new analytical tool for journalists

Did you know that Google has a complete web analytics solution for journalists or newsrooms? A few weeks ago, Google launched Realtime Content Insights – a simple real-time aggregator of data from Google Analytics and Google Trends. With this tool, newsrooms and journalists receive immediate feedback about current traffic in a very nice visual form.

realtime content insights google for publishers

The great advantage of the tool is that you don’t have to configure it in any way – you simply connect it with your Google Analytics. The disadvantage (at least in Slovak conditions) is that Google Trends has a limited amount of data in Slovak. For publishers operating in foreign markets, it is definitely an interesting tool. And… it’s completely free!

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