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An agency

  • We’ll help you to set up advanced measurements and analytics for your clients.

  • We’ll set up and visualize all your data, so you can make the right decisions about changes in your campaigns.

  • We’ll train your team, so they will not only understand data, but they will also be able to act based on it.

A company

  • Thanks to data and analytics, we’ll help you to set up and meet your business objectives.

  • Do you need to set up advanced measurements and Google Analytics is not enough? We’ll develop the custom solution for you.

  • We’ll train your team, so they will not only understand data, but they will also be able to act based on it.

Analytics lover

  • Do you love analytics as much as we do? In that case, read our blog (so far only in Slovak).

  • Do you want to level-up your analytics know-how? Come to our workshop or individual training. If you´re interested, let us know.

  • Would you like to be part of our team? Click here for more information.

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Julia Michálekova
Julia MichálekovaCEO
I work in online marketing since 2009. 8 years I was part of the online marketing agency Visibility. I was also the Managing director for 3 years. Currently, I am fully focused on DASE. I love to share my know-how with other people, educate them and my mission is to care about happiness and development of our employees. My passions are books, dancing, running, yoga, coffee and beer 🙂
Peter Šutarík
Peter ŠutaríkSenior Analytics Consultant
I have an IT background, that’s why my main goal in DASE is making sure that data quality is always on point. I love working in an international analytics team on challenging projects for big international clients. I like finding simple solutions to complex problems 😉
Marianna Trteková
Marianna TrtekováDigital Analytics Consultant
I first got in touch with web analytics when working as a SEA specialist. Implementation of measurements and working with analytical tools has touched my heart and I decided to do it full time. I am looking forward to all new challenges and also new solutions, which I can make for the client. I spend my free time in nature by doing any kind of sport.
Marek Cibula
Marek CibulaDigital Analytics Consultant
My path to web analytics wasn’t a straight line. After studying electrical engineering I worked as a WEB & SEO specialist in the online marketing agency. Now I am a proud member of DASE team ready to find answers in your data. I have great enthusiasm for hiking, mountain biking and lowcost traveling as well.
Ján Pan
Ján PanDigital Analytics Consultant
I come from the picturesque village with the poetical name Brusnica (eng. Cranberry), which is in the eastern part of Slovakia. I like hitchhiking, chess, cooking, LARP, and I feel great when I can try new things. That’s why I designed clothes in high school. I was an athlete at university (I studied physical education), and I had a lot of math in elementary school (I attended a special class with a focus on science and mathematics). I currently live in Bratislava and discover hidden beauty in and around it.

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Adress: Panská 14, Bratislava 811 01
Mobile: +421-911-929-599
Email: michalekova@dase.sk